🎣Season 1: Fishing

Hello everyone, We are excited to announce that DuckyCity SS1: Fishing has been launched!

Buy items for fishing

You can buy fishing rods and fishing bait at NPC Pogo on the city map.

Once you have your fishing rod and bait, move to any island to start fishing.

Fish available

The amount of fish that can be caught each day depends on the size of the lake.

  • Lake: small (200 fish).

  • Lake: medium (400 fish).

  • Lake: large (600 fish).

When you fish on the island, the island owner will receive a 10% commission based on the value of the fish you catch.

Convert fish to money

After you have the fish, you can bring it to Dewey NPC or Duncan NPC in the City map to exchange it for DCM or DCE.

More new features will be updated soon!

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