How to buy VIP Pass

How do I activate VIP?

1: Deposit ETH on the BASE NETWORK.

You can withdraw ETH through the Base network from exchanges such as Binance, Okx, Bybit, etc. Or use bridge:

2: Deposit ETH into the game, the amount you want to buy the VIP.

3: After depositing the ETH in the game, change the map and within 5 minutes the ETH will be there and you can buy the VIP.

I want to change from VIP 1 to VIP 2 or 3, how does it work?

If you are using VIP 1, you still need to spend 0.12 ETH to upgrade to VIP 3, the remaining VIP 1 time will be accumulated into VIP 3.

For example, the remaining time for VIP 1 is 30 days, you will be added 10 days to VIP 3

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