Hello everyone, We are happy to announce that the mining feature has been launched! ⛏️

Buy a pickaxe for mining

You can buy pickaxes at Louie 2 NPC or Pogo NPC on the city map.

Once you have the pickaxe, go to the sea map and move to any island. Move to the mining area of that island and start mining.

Additionally, when mining, you will have a chance to win the jackpot and receive $DCM.

Ore available

The amount of ore that can be mined each day depends on the size of the mine.

Mine: small (15,000 ores).

Mine: large (30,000 ores).

When you mine on the island, the island owner will receive a 10% commission.

After you have stone ores, find Gary NPC to craft those ores into stones.

You can convert stones for $DCM at Dewey NPC.

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