🏝️Island NFT Collection

🏝️ Island NFT Collection Information

Total supply: 5000.

Chain: Ethereum.

Presale price: 0.036 ETH.

Presale mint time: 12:00 UTC, January 25, 2024.

Public-sale price: 0.04 ETH.

Public-sale mint time: 00:00 UTC, January 26, 2024.

Mint at: TBA

Each person can only mint a maximum of 10 NFTs in both the presale and the public sale.


There will be six different island types, including: Earth, Water, Ice, Fire, Wind and Thunder.

No type of island is better than another; each type of island will have its own characteristics to suit the growth and development of plants or pets.

However, each island will have different indicators; maybe on this island this index is higher than on the other island.

But in other indicators, this island is lower than the other island.

Almost all play-to-earn activity is on the island. Activities such as planting crops, mining ore, fishing, etc. on the island will help you earn $DCE - this is the earn token of the Ducky City project.

If the player does not have an island, he must go to someone else's island to use the services on the island and the island owner will receive 10% commission.

Play-to-earn mechanism.

All players must grow crops, raise animals on the farm map, or participate in events on the city map to earn game coins. The player must then use game coins to buy items and then go to the island to play-to-earn.

There will be two types of players:

Free players: They will earn fewer game coins, they will have limited features, and token withdrawals will cost more.

VIP players: The cost for VIP is about $50/month. They will receive a boost that helps them earn more game coins, have access to many special features, and withdraw tokens with less fees.

Ducky City Season 1: Fishing

This is the first feature to open on the island after the mainnet game.

Players will use game coins to buy fishing rods and bait, then they will go to an island to fish. They will have to pay a fee of 10% of the fish caught to the island owner.

After having the fish, the player can sell the fish and receive $DCE tokens.

Players can withdraw $DCE tokens in the ATM feature to their wallets and sell $DCE on exchanges.

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